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Insulated Concrete Form Systems

Fransyl IZOBEST® Insulated Concrete Form system consists of two factory molded panels of expanded polystyrene, linked with spacers. The resulting form, the block, is ready to receive the concrete poured directly within it. The expanded polystyrene form remains in place after the concrete is poured. Note that steels reinforcing bars have to be installed before pouring the concrete to ensure solidity and durability. Buildings with Fransyl IZOBEST® ICF are high quality and have many advantages: durable concrete buildings, airtight, soundproof (59 STC), isolation of at least R-30, no thermal bridge, cost of labor is reduced due to lower stages of construction and energy savings between 30% and 50%.
The ICF allows great freedom of design because of its ease of installation and the variety of available Fransyl IZOBEST ® blocks. The ICF can be used from the foundation up to the roof. Consult your Fransyl ICF system sales rep for more information.