Expansed Polystyrene

Fransyl manufactures expanded polystyrene insulation in order to insulate commercial and residential buildings. The fabrication of all expanded polystyrene products is made at Fransyl’s plant located in Terrebonne, Quebec. The expanded polystyrene is an excellent insulation for the total building envelope (i.e.: floors, roofs, insulated concrete, etc.).

Depending on the application, the Fransyl expanded polystyrene insulations are made under different formats : flat or sloped board, laminated or not, straight or shiplapped edges, different thicknesses and dimensions.

The thermal value of the expanded polystyrene is 100% guaranteed and there is no thermal resistance lost due to deformation. The expanded polystyrene insulation contains 10% of recycled material and is 100% recyclable.

Here are some examples of the building envelope insulation products offer by Fransyl :
  • Expanded polystyrene insulation for walls above and belows grade.
  • Under slab and under ice (arena) flat Expanded Polystyrene Insulation
  • Expanded polystyrene insulation board, factory laminated to an alumunim foil, for interior walls
  • Expanded polystyrene insulation factory laminated to a polyethylene; for residential under slab used.

  • Expanded polystyrenepolystyrène expansé

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