Pro Leed Single Layer Roofing System

1. Fransyl Adphalt Adhesive

2. Gypsum Support Panel

3. Lexcor Multigrip Primer and Adhesive

4. Permate Stick Self-Adhesive Vapour Barrier 

5. Fransyl Adphalt Adhesive

6. Fransyl Izolon Insulation

7. Fransyl Adphalt Adhesive

8. Support Panel

9. Waterbase Adhesive

10. White Simple Ply Membrane


Lexcor Multigrip Primer and Adhesive

Product shown: Multigrip Primer and Adhesive

Alternative products: Adphalt Adhesive

Permate Stick Sef-Adhesive Vapour Barrier

Product shown: Permate Stick Vapour Barrier

Lexcor Adphalt Adhesive

Product shown: Adphalt Adhesive

Fransyl Izolon Insulation

Product shown: Izolon Insulation Board

Waterbase Adhesive

Product shown: BA-160 Bonding Adhesive

White Single Ply Membrane

Product shown: Hi-Tuff TPO - Reinforced Membrane

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