New Presidency

New Presidency

Terrebonne, February 20th, 2020

To all customers, teammates, partners and suppliers


It is with great pride and honor that I announce today that Mrs. Chantal Morrissette will become the new President and Chief Executive Officer of the Fransyl Group, effective June 7th 2020, date of Fransyl’s 38th anniversary founded by her father Jean-Claude Morissette and his brothers Jocelyn and Régis.

With a 25-year track record within the company, Chantal has developed all the necessary skills to bring our team members together and lead the Fransyl Group to new heights. Please join me in wishing her the best of successes.

As for myself, I will remain actively committed and involved as Strategic Advisor. This role will consist primarily, but not limited to, business development, coaching and mentoring senior management, integration and growth of our latest acquisitions namely Fingo and North 49, as well as other upcoming acquisitions.

This will provide my family and I the flexibility and balance that is sometimes difficult to find when acting as president of a large group such as Fransyl.

Together, we continue this beautiful story, which is the journey of the Fransyl Group, that has been evolving for more than 38 years.

Long life to our new President!


Luc Jutras

President and Chief Executive Officer

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