logo Pente IPM

IPM Slope

IPM is the slope department offered by Fransyl Group. IPM offers several services including the realization of modular slope plan and the expertise service on site.



logo Solutions Virtuo 

Solutions Virtuo

Solutions Virtuo offers you a team of experts, within Quebec and Eastern Ontario, dedicated to working with your staff to help you increase your productivity on the jobsite. Specializing in the removal of gravel (Franvac Service), installation of independent guard rails, installation or green roof tray and installation of slabs and roofing support systems, Solutions Virtuo will allow you to complete your projects faster.

See Fransyl Franvac at work on the roof:

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Transportation – Delivery

Fransyl offers to its customers a delivery service on job site. Fransyl uses boom trucks which can reach up to 120’. Fransyl uses all terrain carry lift trucks and has standard lift trucks.