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At Fransyl, each team member is critical for business success; customer satisfaction depends on all of us! Your role, whatever it is, will have an impact, at one moment or another, on the appreciation of our customers. With your attention to details and hard work, we will succeed in surpassing the expectations of our customers to become better and continue to grow!

At Fransyl, the seniority average of employees is around 9 years! Here are some of the various benefits that support this statistic:

  • Rebates and exclusive privileges on House and/or Car Insurances, Show tickets, Hotel Accomodations, etc.;
  • Progression possibilities among the company;
  • Continuous Training ;
  • Wage paid weekly;
  • Health and Workplace Security committee;
  • Member of Novo SST Prevention Mutual;
  • Collective Insurances available;
  • Community and Social Commitment – Includes initiatives such as The Régis Morissette - Fransyl - Morrissette Family Chair in Thoracic Surgery and Esophageal Diseases;
  • Be part of the Family and celebrate with us on our annual Summer and Christmas Party and other Fransyl Events!




We encourage collaboration. Working together alongside our customers, teammates, suppliers and partners, we recognize the greatness we can achieve using everyone’s expertise for a better tomorrow. Uniting everyone’s strengths toward our common goal; greater success for the Fransyl Group.

Willingness to do things right

We believe in doing things right. We face our problems by considering all possible solutions. We take action in the best interest of the business. The results yielded from the effort we put in will give us great satisfaction.


Showing respect and civility toward our teammates and partners is an integral part of our daily activities. We endorse honest behaviours that encourage collaboration and unanimity. No matter one’s hierarchical position, we are considerate of others and show empathy and openness to promote a professional and friendly work environment. 


We remain humble toward our achievements and share our success with our teammates. We are aware of the impacts of our actions, accept responsibility for our mistakes and use them to learn and grow. We encourage versatility by taking on different roles in the company as all tasks to accomplish are important. We are curious and are always looking to learn more in order to always be the best version of ourselves and lead the business to excellence. 


Our commitment to the quality and strength of our relationships is reflected in our unifying attitudes: Teaming Up and Stronger Together. We are honest, passionate and driven by a strong sense of belonging. We share our ideas and opinions as constructive criticism in order to make things evolve. We are proud of our achievements and are always looking to surpass ourselves.


We foster a culture of differentiation and continual renewal. We look to exceed the expectations of our customers and teammates by constantly looking for new and unique solutions. We aim to adapt rapidly to the changing needs of our markets.


 Internship and Sudent Job:
Fransyl is always looking for new talents ready to TEAM UP and contribute to the business success. Place your Spontaneous Application today and who knows, you might start your adventure at Fransyl…


« In 1982, my superior, Mr. Jean-Claude Morrissette, decided to found, with three of his brothers, a company that sold construction materials for roofing. Because I liked the philosophy and the management aptitude of this man, I decided to join him in his adventure. During 2 years, I worked as the Accountant of the business. After that, since the team was growing, I had to fullfill new management tasks with a team of about 5 people. I was then promoted to Director of Administrative Services, a title that I possessed 7 years. The challenges always becoming bigger and the team kept evolving so I jumped into the position of . Administration V.-P. It is in 2012, some 20 years later, following the Ontarian Subsidiary Corporation and the corporate restructuration that we call Fransyl Group that I acquired the title of Senior Legal, Administration & Finances V.-P. My experience at Fransyl brought my professional qualities such as always keep trying to surpass myself and the proud in well done work. »

Shirley McCaffrey V-P Sénior Légal, Administration et Finances
Fait équipe avec Fransyl depuis 1982

Business Areas and some job examples

  • IT
    •  Technicien informatique
  • Customer Service
    • Customer Service Advisor
  • Marketing
    • Marketing Assistant
  • Sales Force
    • Sales Representative
    • Technical Consultant
  • Purchasing
    • Purchasing Assistant
  • Administration
    • Account Receivable Collection Assistant
    • Account Payable Clerk
    • Accounting Assistant
  • Human Ressources
    • Human Ressource Assistant
  • Operations and Production
    • Lift Truck Operator
    • Machine Operator
    • Mechanic

Recruiting Process

Here are the main steps :

  • Applications Analysis
  • Phone Interview
  • Selection Interview
  • Job Offer
  • Integration

The Human Ressources Department will contact you at each step in order to insure a follow up.